How to create a dare?

Step #1

Go to this link: Then click on Create Dare button. You can see the create button in following the image.

how to create dare

Step #2

After clicking on Create Dare button you can see the following type of page. Here you need to enter your name.

After entering your name, click on the start button.

enter your name

Step #3

Now, here you can see the list of questions. This is the dare list that you share with your friends and family. Those questions actually ask questions to your friends and family and they answer you.

You can see the button with text Share Dare to Friends. So, click that button.

dare list of questions

Step #4

After clicking on Share Dare to Friends. Here you can see a link and some buttons. Here are some options where you can share your dare link. This link opens by your family and friends and answers those questions.

You can see various share buttons right. You can easily share with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook  and Facebook Messenger easily via a click on them. If you want to share in another platform then just click on a copy ( ) button and share whatever you want.

share dare link

Here, your work is done. Now, your friend's and family's members turn, they open that link and gives the answer of that dare. It's too much fun.